Isaac Gandy & Ike Gandy

This website tells the tale of two men with the same name, Isaac Gandy, born into the Gandy family of cobblers in the village of Penketh in Lancashire, England, in the 19th. century. Isaac Gandy and his nephew Ike Gandy both crossed the Atlantic in search of fame and fortune, and died within six years of each other. There the similarities end, which the reader will find as their story unfolds.

Isaac Gandy. Born Penketh, Lancashire,
England in 1835. Died Gandy, Utah, USA
in 1904.


Photo courtesy Patsy Schlabsz

Read about Isaac Gandy here: Uncle Isaac in America

Ike Gandy. Born Penketh, Lancashire, England in 1857. Died Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1910.


Ike Gandy ,Victoria, BC, Canada Photo courtesy  Gerry Moore

Read more about Ike Gandy here: The Two Lives of Ike Gandy

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