Decendants of George and Myrtle Gandy

Children of George and Myrtle

George and Myrtle May Gandy had two children,  Bill born 1938 and and Beverley May born 1940.

Bill Gandy

Bill Gandy married Sylvia Wagg from Ganges on Saltspring Island in 1960.

Bill Gandy & Sylvia Wagg 1960. Photo Don Gandy
Bill Gandy & Sylvia Wagg 1960. Photo courtesy Don Gandy

Bill and Sylvia had three children: Alan born 1960, Don born 1962 and Brian born 1966.

Beverley May Gandy

Beverley May Gandy married Peter Ivatts in 1964

Bev & Peter Marriage
Marriage of Beverley and Peter 1964. L-R: Mr. Ivatts, Celia Ivatts, Peter Ivatts, Beverly May Gandy, Myrtle and George Gandy. Photo courtesy Don Gandy

Bev and Peter had two children, Rosalyn May born 1966 and Craig born 1970.

Rosalyn Ivatts

Rosalyn married Donald Fast in 1995:

Rosalyn & Donald
Rosalyn Ivatts & Donald Fast 1995. Photo courtesy Don Gandy
Craig Ivatts

Craig married Carrie Ducharme in 2001:

Craig & Carrie
Craig Ivatts & Carrie Ducharme 2001. Photo courtesy Don Gandy

Gerry & Bev & Ros
Gerry Moore, Beverley Ivatts & Rosalyn Fast at the Gandy family grave in Ross Bay, 2005. Photo Gerry Moore


Peter Ivatts died on the 27th of May 2017 in Exeter, Ontario.