Margie & Gladys Lake

Stella’s daughters Margie and Gladys Lake wed

Stella’s daughters with first husband Edwin Harry Lake, Margie Elise born 1896 and Gladys Norma born 1898 both got married within six months of each other in 1917-1918. The newspaper reports of the weddings give a fascinating picture of their family and relatives at the time.



A wedding of much local interest, as the contracting parties are very popular young people, occurred on the 29th ult. Graham S. Quate and Miss Margie E. Lake were married at the residence of J. F. Christopherson, Justice of the Peace, George T. Smith officiating. The bride looked very lovely gowned in white silk messaline with veil and orange blossoms, and carrying a shower bouquet of bridal roses. The groom wore the conventional black suit. They were attended by Osborne Christopherson and Gladys Lake, the latter attired in white net trimmed with pink. The ring was used in the impressive service, and the bride was given away by Fred Schumacher. Immediately after the ceremony which occurred at high noon, the wedding party accompanied by their friends repaired to the home of Mrs. And Mrs. F. G. Schumacher, where a bounteous repast was enjoyed by all. Covers were laid for over thirty guests. Besides roast turkey, chicken with all the accessories and tropical fruits, an elegant wedding cake was cut by the bride, and partaken of by all. The dining room was decorated with sweet peas and gladiolas. Roses were on the table with ferns and smilax. Pink and green were the prevailing colors, with sweet peas as favors at the places. Elegant astors and roses adorned the parlor. An after-dinner speech by Mr. E. W. Clay was warmly applauded. Among the guests were noted Mr. and Mrs. James Robison Sr, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Robison, son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Christopherson, Dwight, Lloyd and Kitty Christopherson, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Clay, Burton Clay, Mrs. L. S. Schumacher, Mr. and Mrs E. Heckethorn, Mrs. H. Gandy, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. L. Thompson, Osborne Christopherson, Misses Mattie and Lola Heckethorn, Gladys lake, Wilma Thompson and Tibble Page. The young couple will shortly leave for Calexico, California where they will make their future home. Mr. Quate is well and favourably known in this community, as he attended school in different places in Millard County, and later taught school in the county. Mrs. Quate nee Margie Lake has been a teacher in this county, as well as White Pine County, Nevada, and will be greatly missed by former pupils and a host of other friends. We wish them much joy on their journey through life.

A dinner was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Schumacher on the 20 inst, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Graham Quate, who will soon leave for their future home in Calexico, California, where Mr. Quate holds a government position as Deputy Collector in charge of the Customs House. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Cook who soon leave for Chicago were also guests of honor. Their little daughter Irene accompanies them, and will attend school in Chicago this winter. Covers were laid for seventeen. A very pleasant evening followed the elegant dinner. The guest enjoyed music furnished by Mrs. Quate, Gladys Lake, Lola Heckethorn, Burton Clay and Osborne Christopherson.”

Millard County Progress, 1917-09-21



A wedding took place at the residence of J. F. Christopherson at Baker, Nevada, on February 12 at high noon when Osborne Christopherson and Gladys Lake, two of our most popular young people, were united in matrimony.

The lovely young bride was gowned in white messaline with veil and organs blossoms and carried a bouquet of bridle roses. The groom wore the conventional black.

The ceremony was performed in an impressive manner by G. T. Smith, J. P., and was witnessed by many friends and relatives of the happy couple. After the ceremony the bridal party repaired to the home of the bride’s parents, where an elegant dinner was given by Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Schumacher in honor of the occasion. Covers were laid for over 20 guests the tables and rooms being decorated with cut flowers, white narcissus and roses being in the ascendancy.

Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher presided in a genial manner, among the invited guest we noted Mrs. Gandy, grandmother of the bride, Mr. And Mrs. Tweedy, Mr and Mrs. J. H. Robison, Mr. And Mrs. J. F. Christopherson, Mr. and Mrs. Heckethorn, Mrs. L. Schumacher, Mrs. M. Clay, M. Allen, Messers. Leslie Clay, Burton Clay, Bert Christopherson, Dwight Christopherson, Mr. Ham and the Misses Mattie Heckethorn, Lola Heckathorn, Tibbie? Page, Kity Christopherson and Elsie Meecham.

Many costly and beautiful presents attested the esteem of their friends. After dinner songs and instrumental music were enjoyed, when the party dispersed wishing the newly married pair a happy future.

We had a very few cold days and nights the first part of February which were taken advantage of by some of our citizens by filling their ice houses with clear ice about 10 inches thick. Among those who availed themselves of the only opportunity of the kind which our mild winter has afforded were Messrs. F. Robison, J. Showalter, E. W. Clay, F. G. Schumacher, E. M. Smith, J. Deardon and T. Deardon.

E.W. Clay has just returned from a business trip to Salt Lake. A dinner was given at the residence of E. W. Clay on the 16th in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Christopherson who were lately married.

There are rumors that some or our young men intend leaving for Salt Lake City within a week to enlist.”

Millard County Progress, 1918-02-22

Margie Quate’s  auto-biography “Journey Through the Years”  is a fascinating story which I have had the privilege of reading, courtesy of the Quate family (Stevi and Robert Quate). Read some excerpts here.