Ike Dies in 1910

An Untimely Death

Great grandfather Isaac Gandy died on the 28th of November 1910 age 55 yrs at the family residence on Richmond Avenue, Victoria, leaving his widow Mary Cordelia with 8 children (ages 6 months to 16 years old). Cause of death: heart disease. Age at death 55. According to the obituary Isaac Gandy was a resident of Victoria for 25 years and worked as a butcher for L. Goodacre & Sons, butchers of Broad Street (between View and Fort Streets) Victoria.

Death Certificate
Ike’s Death Certificate

Ike was buried at 3:00 pm on the 1st of December 1910 at Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, (depth 7.5’). The clergy who held the ceremony was the Rev T Gladstone and undertakers B.C. Funeral Co.

Gandy grave
The Gandy Grave.                                                                                                                                                                 Photo Gerry Moore

The grave only has a single name “GANDY” carved into one of the side stones.

Grave Inscription “GANDY”. Photo Gerry Moore

The grave is in a poor state of upkeep, as can be seen from the above pictures. Doug Miller of the Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria, the voluntary association which looks after the cemetery, tells me they do not have the funds to repair all the graves.

Doug Miller:

“The gravesite in which the three* are buried is identified as “O 67&68 W O” consisting of two side-by-side plots. There is possibly room for several ‘ashes only’ burials if any Gandy descendants are interested. They would have to work that out with the City of Victoria, the owner of the cemetery.”

* Isaac, Mary Cordelia and grandson  Douglas Arnold Gandy, the son of Isaac Newland Gandy, who died on New Year’s Day, 1941, only 14 years old.

Ross Bay Cemetery

The Gandy family grave is in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, overlooking the beautiful ocean shore.

Ross bay
Ross Bay, Victoria.                                       Photo Gerry Moore
Isaac’s Will

Paul Hancock has been very generous with his time, digging into the Victoria archives to find information on Isaac and Mary. Amongst other things he found Isaac’s will:

The Will includes land, specifically Lot 22, Block 58 & 59, Fernwood Estate, Victoria B.C. I believe that this is Bodwell/Grant St.

Real estate: $2000.00, 9 Cows: $270.00, 2 Horses: $100.00, Farming Implements: $50.00, Household Goods: $100.00.

The estate went to his widow Mary Cordelia Gandy and their eight children.