The Legacy of Isaac Gandy

The story continues…

Isaac left behind his beloved Hattie and three surviving daughters – Mollie, Emma Jean and Stella with husbands and children. The name Gandy lived on only in the small place where Isaac had his farm and ranch in the Snake Valley. Read more about their lives on the following pages.

In 1920 Isaac’s daughters and their families  were still living a very stable life, mostly farming, in Millard County Utah.This included the next generation too. Emma Jean’s four surviving children and their families also farmed in the County.The photographs below shows some members of Isaac’s family in about 1920.

Stella and Emma Jean Gandy with husbands
Stella Gandy with husband Fred Schumacher, Emma Jean Gandy with husband James Henry Robison. Photo courtesy Bill Dearden



Rulon & Iola Robison O´Donnell




James Keith Robison


The above photographs have been taken from  “North Snake Valley part I” by Marlene Bates, 1963, with permission.

Read more about the descendants of Isaac Gandy in the 1920 Census, and on the following pages.

Transcript of the Gandy family in the 1920 census.