Maudie Gandy 1873 – 1885

Maudie Gandy Died Just Thirteen Years Old

The birth of Isaac’s and Hattie’s third daughter Maudie was registered in Fillmore, the county seat of Millard County, Utah, on the 1st of December 1873. Maudie was also buried in the cemetery there. She died on the 12th of February 1885 age 13 years, 3 months and 12 days.

“Cause of death unknown” is the only way I have of describing Maudie’s premature demise. Death certificates were not introduced in Utah until 1910, which means that the cause of Maudie’s (and Isaac’s) death was not officially recorded. Other sources recall that Isaac suffered a heart attack. I have not found any newspaper reports from this period which contain any reference to Maudie’s death. The early death of children was commonplace and thus not reported by the press.

Maudie Gandy gravestone
Maudie Gandy’s Gravestone                          Photo Vickie Nielsen


The inscription on the reverse side of Maudie’s gravestone gives more information:

Reverse Maudie Gandy gravestone
Reverse Side of Gravestone                              Photo Tony Cowley

“GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN” is the inscription on the reverse of Maudie’s gravestone in Fillmore Cemetery. It is in the same style as Isaac’s and Harriet’s gravestone in Garrison Cemetery. The inscription on their gravestone is “GONE BEFORE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN”, a reference to the death of Isaac before Harriet.