Ike’s First Life 1857 – 1882

Birth in Penketh

Great grandfather Isaac “Ike” Gandy was born on the 27th of September 1857 in Penketh near Warrington, Lancashire, England to William Gandy and Mary Ann Elizabeth Lawrenson (sometimes spellt Lawrinson or Laurenson).  Strangely his grandparents were also called William Gandy and Elizabeth Lawrenson, which perhaps says something about the unchanging nature of village life during this period.

In the 1861 census we find Ike living with his parents at Stocks Lane End in Sankey, the adjoining hamlet, together with his brothers William and David and sisters Maria and Martha. Ike’s father William ran a cordwainers’ (cobblers) business employing three men and an apprentice.

The Old Crown and Cushion Inn
The Old Crown and Cushion Inn, Photo Courtesy Eric Hall

The Old Crown & Cushion Inn seen above was located at the corner of Stocks Lane End and Farnworth Road, Sankey.

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The Villages of Penketh and Sankey

Penketh and Sankey (official name Great Sankey) are two villages between Widnes and Warrington in Lancashire, England on the northern bank of the River Mersey. The Mersey flows past Warrington and Penketh to Widnes and then on to Liverpool and the Irish Sea. MAP.

Originally they were two adjacent estates, the landowners living in Penketh Hall and Sankey Hall respectively, which became separate parishes as the population grew.

Penketh Hall
Penketh Hall Today. Photo Eric Hall

In 1821 the population of Sankey and Penketh was 1 028 but by 1901  had grown to 2 769. Today Penketh is home to some 3 800 households, in all about 10 500 people.

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