Isaac’s Family in England

The Ferry Inn in Penketh

Isaac Gandy had nine brothers and sisters. The story has it that when he died in 1904, his sisters back in England shipped over a marble headstone for his grave in Garrison, Utah. One of these sisters was Martha Gandy, 1819 – 1913, who married John Johnson in Penketh in 1854.

Martha Gandy & John Johnson
Martha Gandy & John Johnson 1899. Photo courtesy the Johnson family and Andrew Mulholland

Martha and John had five children: Mary Ann Polly, Elizabeth, Lucy and Ann and Samuel Frederick (1860 – 1907). Other dates unknown. Information supplied by David Smith, gggrandson of Martha and John. Eldest daughter Mary Ann Polly was David’s paternal grandmother.

Martha & John Johnson family
Martha and John Johnson with family ca 1885

On the family photograph David’s grandmother Dorothy sits at John’s left, great aunt Edith (at John’s feet) and great aunt Mollie (to her left). Four daughters Mary Ann Polly, Elizabeth, Lucy and Ann in white blouses, son Samuel Frederick standing centre with moustache and cap.

John Johnson, who worked as a cabinet maker, was also well known as an accomplished bowls maker and painter. Many of the bowls he carved were used at the Inn and his paintings were also displayed there. Below is his visiting card:

JJ Visiting Card
John Johnson’s Business Card

For many years Martha and John were the licensees of the Ferry Inn in Penketh. When husband John died in 1909, Martha took over the licence until her death in 1913.

The Ferry Inn
The Ferry Inn Photo courtesy the Johnson family, David Smith and current licensee Andrew Mulholland.


Ferry Inn 1925
Ferry Inn ca 1925

The Ferry Inn was located close to the River Mersey, and often suffered from flooding.

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