Estella Mathilda Ruby (Stella) Gandy 1877-1935

Lake Stella in Great Basin National Park

View of Lake Stella
View of Lake Stella                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo NPS

Lake Stella in the Great Basin National Park Nevada was named after Stella Gandy, as she was the first person (apart from native Indians) to see the lake. This is recorded in the book “Pioneers of Snake Valley” by Boyd E. Quate, son of Margie and Graham Quate and grandson of Stella. Lake Stella is described as a scenic alpine lake below the 13 000 foot Wheeler Peak.


Stella Gandy
Ruby Estelle Gandy

Stella was Isaac’s and Harriet’s youngest daughter. She was married twice.

First Marriage

Her first husband was Edwin.H.Lake, who she married aged 18 on March 11th 1896. They lived in Snake Valley, White Pine, Nevada and had two daughters, Margie and Gladys Lake. Margie married Graham Quate in September 1917 and sister Gladys married Osborne Christopherson a few months later, in February 1918.

Read about their weddings here.

Not only weddings but many other family events were celebrated in the Valley:


Mr. Osborne Christopherson who has been at Fort Logan Colorado for three months preparing to do his bit for Uncle Sam, arrived home New Years Eve. We are all glad to see him back again. A dinner was given in his honor by his mother-in-law Mrs. T. G. Schumacher. Those present were; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Clay, Mr. L. G. Clay, Mrs. L. G. Schumacher, Mrs. H. Gandy, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Quate and baby, Mr. Willpherson, and Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Schumacher. We are glad to say that the valley is nearly free from Spanish Influenza. There are only two cases in the valley at the present, those being in Baker.”

Millard County Progress 1919-01-24

Second Marriage

After Edwin’s death in 1908, Stella married Fred Schumacher June 5th 1911 and became Mrs. Fred Schumacher. When Isaac divided up his land between his three daughters, Stella got a large tract of land in Garrison.

Stellas Demise

Stella died in Milford Hospital in Utah on September 10th 1935 age 58 years. According to her death certificate she died from acute myocardial disease after two operations earlier that same year. Informant: Her husband Fred Schumacher. She was buried in Fillmore Cemetery, next to the grave of her older sister Maudie.

Graves Stella & Maudie
Graves of Maudie and Stella Gandy             Photo Tony Cowley

Tony Cowley, who has taken many photos for the website, told me that the monument you see in the background from Maudie and Stella happens to be the largest one in the Fillmore cemetery. It belongs to Almon Robison, the nephew of Peter Robison of Snake Valley. At one time, he was one of the richest men in Millard County, and he was the second-largest landowner in Millard County next to the Federal Government in his day. He was known as a shrewd businessman, spiritualist, and private banker.

Below is a shot of the Robison plot, where Joseph Robison, Peter’s brother, is buried along with many of his progeny.

Robison burial plot Fillmore
Robison Burial Plot Fillmore                             Photo Tony Cowley