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Gandy Signpost
Gandy Signpost. Photo Vickie Nielsen
Mail Boxes Gandy
Mail Boxes Gandy. Photo Vickie Nielsen
Dirt Road Gandy
Dirt Road Gandy. Photo Vickie Nielsen
Old Log Cabin
Old Log Cabin, Gandy. Photo Vickie Nielsen
Dean Baker Ranch, Snake Valley. Photo Vickie Nielsen

Vickie Nielsen 

Vickie runs a web site with photographs of gravestones in Utah. Vickie and her husband Barry made an impressive eleven hour round trip in their pick-up on a hot, dry day to  take many of the photographs that appear here on the web site. Here is Vickie’s account of the trip:

“After about 100 miles going west from our home in Payson UT, we turned north onto a gravel road. It was 29 miles out to the Gandy area. There were about four farms in the area. I don’t know what they farmed, it looked like sage brush and dirt to me. There were a few groups of trees. The only old structure we saw was the cabin in the photos. We thought there might be some kind of a sign or historical plaque, but there wasn’t.

We came back to the pavement and then went out west again about 60 miles to a small Nevada town of Ely, where we looked for two headstones I needed, but did not find them.

After returning back the same 60 miles we then turned south on the same road Gandy was on, and went 8 miles to Garrison. So, that would make 38 miles between them.

The cemetery was easy to spot, next to a small church. The town had a post office and about 3 homes on the main road. That was all we could see. Don’t know why anyone would, or could, live there.

To get to Fillmore we went south, around a small mountain and then east and north. It was about an hour and a half’s drive. All pretty barren area. Utah has a lot of that. But we have a lot of nice places too.

We got there at sundown. I don’t know how my pictures will turn out. We like these kinds of adventures, but was pretty tired when we finally got home about 8:30 pm.

A fantastic achievement Vickie & Barry!

Vickie’s husband Barry and the pick up on that long, hot day. Gandy Mountain in background. Photo Vickie Nielsen
Road to Gandy
The Road to Gandy. Photo Vickie Nielsen

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